Besides monthly instant rebate voucher, member can also collect points and redeem rewards while shopping with us!

To collect points, simply
Provide your mobile number at cashier counter before making any purchase during your visit at ALL IT outlets!

*Minimum spending of RM50/item type is needed to accumulate points & each point will be round down to the nearest 10.
– Points will be calculated by per item type. (For each item type has to be RM50 or above to collect point)

ScenarioTotal RM For Item TypeRewards Points
Ali purchased 1 unit of mouse at RM251 x RM25 = RM25Not Entitle Rewards Points
Abu purchased 2 units of the same mouse at RM25/each2 x RM25 = RM50Entitled Rewards Points

*Note : Item type means SKU.

There will be 3 main categories in the Point Rewarding Scheme: