• This Membership Account is issued to applicant aged 16 years old and above.
  • Applicant must have a valid Malaysian or Singaporean mobile number to register for the Membership Account in order to receive the OTP for verification.
  • A membership fee of RM12 is applicable for a 1-year duration or RM20 for a 2-year duration.
  • Membership expiry date – for the 1-year membership, it will expire 1 year from the day one joins. Example, Customer A joined on 10 July 2022, the membership will expire on 31 July 2023.
  • Member can renew his/her membership with a fee of RM10 or deduction of 1,000 Rewards Points for a 1-year duration (provided the membership is still active).
  • The Membership Account and Rewards Points are not transferable and are for the exclusive use of the member.
  • In the event that the Membership Account expires or is cancelled, all Rewards Points will be null and void.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to notify ALL IT Hypermarket Sdn Bhd (“ALL IT”) by writing to or report at any outlet as soon as possible, in the event of change of mobile number.
  • ALL IT reserves the right to:
    1. Use the database information for marketing purposes only.
    2. Terminate the Membership Account as and when deemed necessary without giving prior notice.
    3. Suspend or terminate the ALL IT Rewards’ program at any time it deemed necessary.
  • ALL IT will not be liable for the following circumstances:
    1. Any unauthorized use/access of ALL IT Rewards’ microsite.
    2. Any unauthorized redemption of Rewards Points.
    3. Any redemption gifts not being available for any reason.


  • The mobile number that is registered must be presented prior to purchase payment to earn Rewards Points. NO EXCEPTION.
  • A minimum spend of RM50 per item type is needed to accumulate points. Rewards Points will be calculated by each individual item and is based on the categories it belongs to and rounded down to the nearest 10. There will be 3 main categories in the Rewards Points’ rewarding scheme:   
For every RM10 spent earns 10 pointsIT Accessories
For every RM20 spent earns 10 pointsPrinter, Stereo, Hardware, Networking Product, External Harddisk
For every RM30 spent earns 10 points*Notebook, Tablet, Apple Products, Smartphone, Desktop PC, Outdoor Gadget, Projector
*Maximum 1000 Rewards Points to be rewarded per unit item.
  • Rewards Points will NOT be awarded for the purchase of the following products: any credits purchased or top-ups, ALL IT cash vouchers, third party cash vouchers, gift cards, discounted package deals, special sales or promotions, any type of bulk sales, reseller purchases, corporate purchases & services i.e. extended warranty packages, delivery, product repair etc.
  • ALL IT reserves the right to vary the Rewards Points rewarding scheme, prescribed redemption table and the redemption exceptions without prior notification to members.
  • Rewards Points are non-transferable to any other Membership Account or redeemable for cash
  • In the case where valid qualifying purchases were made but Rewards Points were not awarded, member is required to provide proof of purchases including: products with ALL IT price tag and original receipts within the day of purchase. It is at ALL IT discretion to accept or reject such proof. 
  • When members make qualifying purchases or renew their Membership Account, all membership details and latest Rewards Points will be shown at the microsite. Kindly allow 1 hour for Rewards Points to be updated at the microsite.
  • Validity of Rewards Points. Rewards Points earned will have a validity of 12-18 months and there are 2 Rewards Points expiry dates in every calendar year:
Rewards Points Earned During:Rewards Points Will Expire On:
Jan 1 – Jun 30Jun 30, the following year
Jul 1 – Dec 31Dec 31, the following year
  • Any Rewards Points not redeemed within that period will automatically expire and be deducted from the total balance of Membership Account.
  • Upon redemption, the Rewards Points required to redeem the gift will be deducted from the Membership Account’s total balance of Rewards Points accumulated in the Membership Accounts, with the valid oldest Rewards Points being deducted first.
  • ALL IT reserves the right to deduct from the balance of Rewards Points accumulation in the event that: 
    1. Any Rewards Points suspected of being fraudulently recorded;
    2. Any Rewards Points wrongly recorded (e.g. wrongly awarded to bulk purchases); or
    3. Any Rewards Points relating to transaction(s) which has been cancelled or where a refund has been given.
  • For sales return, the Rewards Points will be deducted from Membership Account according to the qualifying purchases returned.


  • Rewards Points or Rewards Gifts are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Rewards Gifts are valid while supplies last.
  • ALL IT reserves the right to refuse any redemption deemed suspicious of fraudulent accumulation or wrong records. 
  • Rewards Points or Gifts, once redeemed cannot be revoked, exchanged, returned or refunded in any and all circumstances; any deduction of Rewards Points from the Membership Account shall not be reinstated.
  • ALL IT provides no warranty with respect to the quality of Reward Gifts or their suitability for any purpose. Warranty of all gifts are at the sole discretion of ALL IT and their suppliers or sponsors.
  • Certain gifts, which are in the form of vouchers, are valid only until the specific dates mentioned and subject to the terms and conditions therein. The vouchers will not be replaced if remain unused after the date specified.
  • ALL IT has the right, without prior notice and assigning any reasons whatsoever, to determine and change from time to time:
    1. the Rewards Gifts offered in the program as listed in the Rewards Guide or any other documents
    2. the qualifying points required for the redemption of any Rewards Gifts
    3. the exclusive redemption promotions for general or specified group of Members
  • By downloading the vouchers, you have agreed to all the Terms & Conditions listed on the respective voucher’s page.
  • If voucher is listed with Rewards Points, that indicates Rewards Points are needed to download the voucher.
  • Once voucher is downloaded (if Rewards Points are deducted), the transaction cannot be reversed; thus, Rewards Points are not returnable, refundable, or exchanged for cash.
  • The voucher is not valid once the date expires.
  • ALL IT does not hold any responsibility on partner’s voucher offerings or shall there be any changes.
  • ALL IT and its collaborators reserve the right to revise the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.


  • Parking ticket must be presented to cashiers prior to making payment.
  • Only valid parking tickets, namely tickets from the same complex where ALL IT outlets are located will be entitled to complimentary parking.
  • Cash rebate equivalent to the 1st hour parking rate or a maximum of RM2 will be given to member with purchases above RM100 in a single receipt.


  • This discount is only valid for labor charges and does not include the cost of product upgrade and/or replacement.
  • Member must download and present the e-voucher to claim this discount prior to signing of servicing agreement.


  • For products still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, ALL IT will waive the handling cost of dispatching the products for warranty claim.
  • Material handling fee does not include cost of replacement of any hardware, should it be deemed necessary. Any additional costs incurred for such service will be borne by the respective member at his/her own discretion.
  • Member must download and present the e-voucher to claim this benefit prior to signing of servicing agreement.


  • Members are entitled to a total of 30 days one-to-one exchange on selected products purchased. 
  • Only certain products with a manufacturer’s defect are entitled to a ONE-to-ONE exchange (subject to availability of stock) if:
    1. The product has an actual ‘Manufacturer’s Defect’
    2. The packaging and all its original content (including any software and manuals) is complete and in good condition
    3. The product is accompanied with original receipt
  • Please note that certain products such as: Projectors, Monitors, Software, Tablets, Smartphones, Apple Products, Branded Desktops, Notebooks, Printers and Consumables (eg Ink Cartridges or Toners), DJI Products, Fitness & Wearables, Gaming Consoles are not available for a One-to-One exchange and must be sent to the manufacturer’s service center for any warranty service. Kindly refer to the terms & conditions at the back of our sales receipt.
  • Member must download and present the e-voucher to claim this benefit prior to signing of servicing agreement.


  • Each Member is entitled to redeem 1 exclusive birthday gift during the month of his/her birthday at any of ALL IT outlets.


  • Each voucher’s Terms & Conditions may vary, including discount amount and voucher expiry date.
  • Rewards Member can only apply 1 voucher at a time in a single transaction.


  • All newly-joined members as well as those who just renewed the Membership Account will receive a Welcome Pack (a gift & 100 Rewards Points).
  • The 100 Rewards Points will automatically be credited to the Membership Account once the member has signed up at . For more information on how to sign up, please go to:
  • The Welcome Pack is neither applicable to FREE Membership, nor renewal using Rewards Points.